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It’s no secret that caregiving is a physically and mentally stimulating job. Taking care of a loved one can take up much time and energy, and caregivers can tend to forget about their own health when they’re kept busy. The thing is, caregivers are humans too, and they deserve a break when they feel overworked. This is where Respite Care comes in. Here at Spring Mill, our Respite Care is a senior living option specially designed for caregivers looking to unwind and prioritize their own physical, mental, and emotional health. If you’re a caregiver and unsure when the right time is to enter respite care, no fret, as here are the signs to look out for.

Exhibiting Signs of Poor Mental Health

Sadness, low mood, and constantly feeling overwhelmed are signs of poor mental health, and if such feelings are ignored and continued on, you might suffer from depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions. While these emotions are experienced by everyone, it is a sign of concern when they occur daily and hinder you from going about your day. If you find yourself less interested in daily activities, and having a hard time staying concentrated and making decisions, then it’s a good time to consider respite care. By relieving yourself of stress, you’re able to better manage these negative emotions and clear your mind.

Declining Health

Some caregivers complain of being constantly sick and feeling under the weather. If you experience these symptoms, it’s a good sign that you’re overworked. When one is tired and in need of proper rest, their immune system starts to weaken, which results in stomach troubles, colds, and being prone to infections. Injuries such as cuts and wounds will also take a longer time to recover. As such, being in respite care allows your immune system to get back on track and helps you to strengthen your overall health, so you’ll be able to concentrate, and perform in a better physical and mental state in the future.

Always Making Mistakes

There are many tasks and duties a caregiver has to remember and adhere to daily. This is why caregiving is arguably one of the toughest jobs out there. By having to juggle many things at once, coupled with a lack of proper sleep, it’s normal to find yourself making mistakes such as missing medication doses and forgetting errands. Simple safety measures for both you and a loved one are also overlooked. At this point, respite care should be highly considered in order for you to recharge and be more alert.

Easily Irritated

We understand that some loved ones can be demanding in their requests, but if you find that you’re getting easily irritated or impatient, you are experiencing caregiver burnout. Caregivers are one of the most patient people out there due to the nature of their job, so it’s uncommon to be agitated or frustrated over small matters. With respite care, you can step back and reset, so you can return to your caring for your loved ones feeling refreshed.

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